Her Job: Author

You all like reading books, talking about books and probably you even write stories for yourself and maybe for your friends. This is how it all starts, writing stories when you are a teenager. If you really love writing, one day, maybe you will become a writer. Lucy Christopher is an author who writes books for teens. She was born in Wales and moved to Australia with her parents when she was nine years old. She moved back to Wales when she went to university. At university she studied creative writing and she graduated with an MA (Master Degree in Arts). Today she writes books for teens like you. Her books are “Flyaway” and “Stolen”.
Watch an interview with her where she talks about how she became an author.
Download the Author Interview_Lucy Christopher

What do you think her book called “Stolen” is about? Watch the trailer and find the missing verbs.

Click to download  the Video Worksheet

If you want to know more about Lucy Christopher, visit her website at Lucy Christopher
If you want to watch more interviews with her, go to the “Author Interviews” part of the “Culture” links.

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