TeensEnglish Journal 2011

The EnglishTeens kept a diary all through the school year of 2010-11. They published their diary entries regularly on the TeensEnglish blog and at the end of the year we published our first TeensEnglish Journal based on their work. You can download the Journal and have fun when reading it.
TeensEnglish Blog Journal n°1


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    Hi Erica, great to hear from you! You can write about the weather as a comment if you like, and I will post it as a post in the Showroom. Link your comment to the most recent post. If you have any photos, you can send them in a separate mail to me (csilla.benn@me.com). I hope you are doing fine and doing well at school.

  2. 2

    Hello, I would post about weather but I am not sure how to write a post, I only know how to comment on things

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    Erica, Hi,
    It’s great that you can write from time to time. I have an idea: could you write a few lines on the weather you have in Ottawa. We have seen on the CBC News that Ottawa had a lot of snow the past week, and very low temperatures. People in France can’t imagine life when it’s 20°C below zero. Could you give us a weather report and also tell us what you do when it’s so cold and there is so much snow, i.e. maybe school is cancelled and other good things happen beside all the bad things, like accidents on the roads etc. I’d like to put you on a front page post with the title “Canadian Winter”. If you can do this, could you also write a few words about yourself (age, school, interests, etc.) Thanks in advance!

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    we did not go anywhere. During March break we are going to Florida to visit my grandparents:) I am looking forward to the warm weather.


  5. 5

    Hello Erica,
    Happy New Year to all your family 🙂
    I am happy for you and your family that you skied. I didn’t, it rained all the vacation.
    I went to Salzburg in Austria, the city where Mozart was born.
    And you where did you go?


  6. 6

    Hi Anna,
    I am good. I went Skiing today with my family. it was a lot of fun. 🙂 I miss you and your family. I Hope we see each other again soon.

  7. 8

    Hello Csilla,
    I am not sure where I am supposed to comment, so I am going to comment here. This holiday season is most likely going to be green. There has been times when there was snow, but the snow always melts. Sorry I have not been writing,I have been busy. Hope all is well.
    Tell Anna I say hello. 🙂

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