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TeensEnglish est une plateforme éducative ouverte et sécurisée en anglais pour les jeunes qui apprennent l’anglais. Son but est de donner suite aux cours de langue et d’élargir les thèmes de grammaire, de vocabulaire avec les actualités et surtout avec les thèmes au centre des intérêts des adolescents. C’est un lieu d’échange où il faut respecter la règle de IN ENGLISH AND ONLY IN ENGLISH.

Dear TeensEnglish Blogger, you are welcome to leave a comment on anything you like or may not like on the blog. After being approved for its proper content and language, it will appear in the “Chatroom”. If your comment is interesting and appropriate, it will be published in the “Showroom”.

To write appropriate comments, please read the “How to Write a Comment” post first. In this post I ask you to give me your ideas on some important points on how to use a blog. When I have your ideas, we can publish our BLOG RULES. 

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How to find something? The “Categories” will help you find a specific post, for example you will find all the diary parts in the “Diaries” category. Select the category you are searching for and all related posts will show up.

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Enjoy blogging and enjoy English!


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