Cups and Scones

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  1. Write subtitles (taken by Anna)
  2. Write a summary (still available)
  3. Write the lyrics (taken by Ninon)
  4. Write up questions for an interview (still available)
  5. Imagine you are doing this and write a diary entry (taken by Maëlle)
  6. Write an article about the “Cup Song Phenomenon” (taken by Jeanne)


Diary entry by Maëlle

When she works:

She can see the kitchen.

She can hear the noise of the plates.

She can smell the smell of the food.

She can touch the pastry.

She is a waitress in a restaurant and she feels nervous.

I think she wants to do a long journey.

When she daydreams:

She can see the forest.

She can hear the birds.

She can smell the flowers.

She can touch the leaves.

She is in Scotland and she feels happy.

I think after her work, she will go home and watch TV.

She will go to bed and she will dream about Scotland.

Watch it

Do it!

A global phenomenon in schools around the world! In Drummondville, a Montreal suburb, 1,500 high school students clap and sing together. Just another Canadian fashion!

Learn it

Tutorial by Ninon

Watch a tutorial on how to do the Cup Song. It starts at 1:00 min. In order to understand, you will need to know the following words:



move over



pick it up


upside down

start it over

This is what she says:

You can use a paper cup or a plastic cup. So what you do is : you start with the cup upside down.

The first step is clap clap, tap tap tap, clap, move over
In the second half, you pick it up with your arm over and hit, down, up and upside down
So that’s all !

There is a song that goes along with it too. Maybe you saw “Pitch Perfect”. Ninon will write the lyrics for you.


Lyrics written down by Anna

Writing the lyrics from snippets:

Lyrics Snippets
Lyrics Snippets


When she looked at the picture she could see…



When I look at my binder I can see…


Search the net

Can you find a French school where they sing the cup song? If you do, please send the link in a comment.

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