Your Mission to Space

Part I. Leaving for Outer Space


Imagine that you were contacted by the ISS (International Space Station) and asked to go on a mission to outer space.

What would you pack for your trip?

What do you you think, you could bring with you?

What do you think, you were allowed to take on a spaceship?

What do you think, you were not allowed to take on a spaceship?



Watch this short video and describe in details what you can see from outer space.

Adapted from Wonderopolis



Read the article from the Wonderopolis website. According to the article, what is an “input” and what is an “output”? Can you find all the inputs and all the outputs the article talks about?



Using information from the article, what would you pack for your trip to space?

  • I would…
  • I could…
  • I am allowed to…
  • I am not allowed to…



Write your story from the moment you received the phone call from ISS to the moment you have finished your suitcase. Leave us a reply.




Commander Chris Hadfield, ISS
Commander Chris Hadfield, ISS

Between January and May 2013, a Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield was the Commander at the International Space Station. He has become a media star through his Tweets with beautiful images from space. (you can follow his Tweets @Cmdr_Hadfield) Chris Hadfield is also a rock star, so he packed his guitar for his trip. He performed several songs in space, by himself and also with a choir and a band on Earth. Here is his song called I.S.S., that is to say “Is Somebody Singing”.



Is Somebody Singing?.pdf by BES_English

Part II. Everyday Life in Outer Space


What do you think the main challenges are when you are in outer space?

Think about your everyday activities. How do you think they would change?

Write a list of things that you think are difficult, or different in outer space?



Watch Chris Hadfield and compare with what you have written.

Looking at the first image, what do you think? Is this video about input or output?



You will see Chris Hadfield brushing his teeth.

What do you think is difficult about brushing your teeth in outer space?

Chris Hadfield on brushing his teeth in space par TheGazette

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