The Great Gatsby

“He had a grand vision for his life since he was a boy.”

This was our end-of-year project, from a film trailer, through subtitling to writing a poem. I hope you enjoyed it! I am sure you will watch some video clips or trailers during the summer. Try to write the subtitles. 

Have a very nice summer!

Throughout this project we focused on fiction vocabulary, personality vocabulary, global listening comprehension, reading paragraphs, and finally on listening for details and creating real subtitles to a movie trailer.

The Great Gatsby Trailer Subtitling project
The Great Gatsby Trailer
Subtitling project


What do you think this film is going to be about?


Watch the movie trailer.



“He was guarding secrets.”

Can you imagine what his secret is?

“My life has got to be like this.”

Can you imagine what his life was like when he was a boy?

How different was it from his life today?



Can you see your life in ten years? What do you think it will be like?



Can you write the subtitles for this video trailer?


Write about The Great Gatsby’s story and about your own story. Download the worksheet.



Write a Haïku poem: A Dream About My Future

5 - 7 - 5 Haïku Poem
5 – 7 – 5 Haïku Poem


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