Have you ever…?

The first step in the long journey of present perfect. Finally students could discover what that third form of the verb, the past participle, is used for, other than being in a list to be learnt for tests in school. For reinforcement we ended with a board game by OneStopEnglish.

The exercise focused on grammar (present perfect and past simple), game vocabulary, interaction.

Focus on form

This exercice was adapted from OneStopEnglish

Choose a word cloud. Write down the three forms of the verbs.

Have you ever…?

Have you ever ridden a kangaroo?

Write similar questions with every single verb from the word cloud.


Interview your friend, using your questions.


– Have you ever ridden a kangaroo?

– Yes, I have.

– When did you ride a kangaroo?

– When I was in Australia.



A board game by OneStopEnglish to practice present perfect questions, answers, see the difference between using past simple and present perfect. It is also a good practice for interviews.

Have you ever...? - Board Game
Have you ever…? – Board Game

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