The Tallest Man, interview by Ninon

There is no better resource for learning superlative adjectives than the Guinness World Records. This time, we started with an article about the tallest man in the world, watched a film about him, brainstormed ideas what is more challenging and what is easier for him to do in his daily life. Our objective was to interview him, so we prepared questions that we can ask from him. Thanks to Skype, we could set up an interview with him and he was very kind to accept our invitation. You can listen to this interview below. 

The exercise focused on grammar (superlative adjectives), reading comprehension, question formation, interviewing.


What can you say about this man in the picture?
Where do you think he lives?
How old do you think he is?
What job do you think he has?
What are the advantages of being so tall?
What are the disadvantages of being so tall?


Here is a short film about his daily life.


Download the Worksheet to read about him.

  The Tallest Man Short Version by Csilla Jaray-Benn


Ninon has made an interview with the tallest man in the world through Skype.

You can listen to it below.


She will also write an article that will be published in TeensVoice.


You can find more records in the famous Guinness World Records books, published every year, or on the GWR website.


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    Anna Benn

    this is amazing Ninon, You had the chance to speak to the tallest man in the world !!!!!!! WOUAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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