Kings Landing Historical Settlement in New Brunswick, Canada, Voiceover by Anna

Summer is well behind us, but we all have fond memories of what we did. For us, the highpoint of our vacation was Anna’s week at Kings Landing, in New Brunswick, Canada. For one week, she lived the life of children in the eighteen hundreds (1800) at a Loyalist settlement on the peaceful banks of the Saint John River, not far from Fredericton. We have made a movie with voiceover to share this fabulous experience with you.  You can simply jump to the movie, but to better understand the film, I suggest you read the Introduction first.


New Brunswick is one of the Maritime Provinces in Canada,  on the Eastern coast of this huge country, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. This is one of two bilingual provinces, where French Acadians and English have shared a common history for over two hundred years.The Saint John River, with its picturesque banks has been a major waterway starting in prehistoric times, when Malecite Indians inhabited the region. The Indians, the first users of the river were later joined by French, Acadian and British travellers who used the river as their main inland route between Quebec and the Maritimes. The British control over the river was established in 1758 and the wild valley started to give place to more and more settlements.After 1783 some ten thousand settlers came to make new homes for themselves along the river. These people were Loyalist refugees who stayed loyal to the (British) Crown after the American Revolution and were forced to leave their homes.

Today, Kings Landing Historical Settlement brings back to life these historical times in a real live village, inhabited by costumed people, living the way Loyalists used to live back in the eighteen hundreds, sharing everyday pleasures, labour, simple activities of daily life. The modern world is unimagined as you enter the gate.

Family life involved children, so today’s Kings Landing families adopt Visiting Cousins who help them with milking cows, making butter, cooking, chopping wood, weaving and with many other daily activities. They go to school every morning, learning the way children used to learn, sing „God Bless the Queen” and last but not least they have an incredible amount of fun. At the registration desk, generations meet, who were visiting cousins many years ago and now they are back with their children. An unforgettable lifetime memory. An experience where history becomes alive and stays with our children.

(some parts of this text were adapted from George MacBeath’s Introduction to Kings Landing, Country Life in Early Canada)

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    For Léa

    Dear Léa I’m pleased that you watched my video
    I hope that you didn’t laugh when I was singing
    I hope that you liked it
    How are you ?

  2. 4

    Hi Anna,

    How are you? I watched your video on Kings Landing. I think you have had a good time. This video is really great!
    See you tomorrow!


  3. 5
    Peter Benn

    Very interesting time. There’s something to be said for life’s basics, but they can often be labour-intensive. We used to have a 90-year old landlord who had been a 1920’s bridge engineer, and had done his share of work with a shovel.

    It was amazing to see what he could get done after a bad snowstorm. His slow pace at first was deceptive, for he could keep it up all day.

  4. 6
    Anna Benn

    Thank you Aimee , for this comment. I had a question: do you have the address of Kate and Jill ?
    Can you reply me as soon as possible ?
    (If there is a fault correct me)


  5. 7

    Thanks Aimee for your words and your educational support for teens who learn English in France. One week with you has changed Anna’s whole attitude towards English. She is still proud of having come third in the Spelling Bee. Thanks again. Csilla

  6. 8
    Aimee Keating

    Wow, what a great video! I think that you were able to capture and portray Kings Landing exactly the way it is. My name is Aimee Keating and I was Anna’s teacher at the Visiting Cousins camp this past summer. As you can see from the video and pictures, Anna is a very active and fun young lady. Anna brought laughter and smiles to everyone that was around her that week. Anna worked very hard speaking only English for the duration of her time at Visiting Cousins and seemed to communicate easily with the other campers. I think that attending a camp in another language is a great way for someone to learn that language; especially young teens.
    Well, thank you Anna and family for putting this video on display for others to enjoy. I hope to see you all again someday!!!!

    Mrs. Keating

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