Malou’s Diary

Today I write about Nathan and what he did last week

Nathan’s Diary, On Wednesday, he had English and a presentation of the project, he was sad. He had bought Grandma’s present; he asked his Mum for pocket money; he told his mum about the detention from Mr. Olivier before he phoned her He had a bad day. On Thursday, he had a Chemistry test, He found that easy, he was happy. He had a Motorbike driving test, He found that difficult, he was sad. He did his homework and he learned his physics lesson and geography lesson. He felt so-so. On Friday, in the morning, he had a break but he had his detention in Mr Olivier’s office: he was angry. Sarah was coming to Grandma’s birthday party! He was happy On Saturday, He started the job at Classic Burger from 10 am to 6 pm. He was happy and tired On Saturday, he updated his up blog.


My theatre group had a… Theatre festival . On Saturday, 28th May. We  played six plays. I  played in two plays. I  played a teacher and a peasant. I was stressed and happy


Today Malou made two PowerPoint slides to talk about what she did last week and how she felt. Look at her Happy Graph.

Maëlle’s Happy Graph

Maëlle keeps a DIARY and writes about what she did yesterday, last week, etc…

My day Yesterday:

I got up at 7:20 and I went to school at 8:05. The school was very, very, very boring. My school finished at 5:05. After school, Iwent to the Theatre Club in St Nazaire Les Eymes on Tuesday and to English on Wednesday.

The Theatre was amazing and English was fun.

Yesterday, I played with my dog.

Yesterday, I watched television.

Yesterday, I learned my lessons at home.

Yesterday, I called my friends on the phone.

My favourite time was TV and computer time.

Maëlle is talking about what she usually does in a day, and also about her favourite activities.

My Day,

I get up at 7:20 and I go to school at 8:05. The school is very very very boring. My school finishes at 5:05. After school, I go to the Theatre Club in St Nazaire les Eymes on Tuesday and to English on Wednesday.

The Theatre Club is amazing and English is fun.

Sometimes I play with my dog.

I always watch television.

I never learn my lessons at home.

I often call my friends on the phone

My favourite time is TV and Computer time.

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