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By Maëlle

Maëlle often goes to CORSICA and she loves it! She told me about this place called Sant’ Ambroggio and I really would love to visit it one day.

 This short text, she wrote it in September, when she started the year, so her sentences are not very long. If you read her latest episodes in her Diary, you will see the difference! She has  improved a lot since September!

Corsica, the beach in Sant’ Ambroggio,

On the postcard I can see: – The beach – The houses – The trees – The boats – The sea

On the beach I can: – swim – play – read – make a sand castle – sing – …….. I like swimming I like playing I like reading But I don’t like making sand castle on the beach. I hate making sand castle! I’m happy when I go to Sant’ Ambroggio.

Another island, MAJORCA by Madelaine

Madelaine went to Majorca during her Spring Holiday. This is what she has written about it.

During the last holiday, I went to Majorca in the East of Spain. It’s an island. The sea is WONDERFUL. The sea is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. First, I liked it because the sea is wonderful. Second I love the sea. Third, there are a lot of mountains. If you love the sea you have to go to Majorca. If you love mountains you should go to Majorca too.

Solène is a big horse fan, so when she travels, she must go to a place where she can find horses. CAMARGUE is a perfect place for horse lovers. Open her document and you will also want to go there. 

Camargue by Solène

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  1. 4

    Ok, I will read the Harry Potter books.
    I will go to school the 6th September to 23th June or … I don’t know

  2. 5

    So (=alors), start to read them. You will have a great time and you will not be bored!

    “will + verb” => pour parler de ce que tu vas faire dans le futur.
    “will = not” => won’t

    You will go to Corsica on the 30th of July. You will swim in the sea, but you won’t make a sandcastle, because you hate making sandcastles. I’m sure you will have a great time!

  3. 7

    Did you read any Harry Potter books? Did you see any other Harry Potter films? You can go to the last blog post and read about the whole (=tout) story on the CBBC site.

    Hi it’s me Anna I loved Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter et les relique de la mort )
    Waldomor is daed beacause Harry killed him in the End but Boudlar is destroyed .
    You should see it ! (=devrais)
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. 9

    Anna is at the cinema right now, she is watching the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. Did you see it?
    For more (=plus) ideas on what you can do when you ARE bored, look at the last post on our (=notre) blog.

  5. 10

    Ok, thanks 🙂 , If Anna is bored , she can watch the film “Never-Say-Never” or …. 🙂
    Good holidays 😀
    See you !

  6. 12

    I go to Corsica the 30 July in the by boat and I go to the come home the 20 August . I’m playing on to the computer , I’m watching TV, I’m swimming in my swimming-pool. Yes, Sometimes, I am bored; Ok 😉
    Bye :*

  7. 13

    When do you go to Corse? What are you doing at home? Are you swimming in your pool? Are you bored? If (=si) you are very bored you can call Anna, she is at home and she is bored!
    Bye for now.:) 🙂 🙂

  8. 17

    Yes, it’s easy : ) (sans the espace= without space) or : ( …. = 🙂 🙁

    Fine thanks .
    I’m fine
    bye, … ok.

  9. 18

    The “holiday” is “vacances” in French. You are on holiday (=en vacances), but I’m not on holiday, I work. Important question! How do you put smileys in your sentences?

    Here is Anna:
    Hi Mallou how are you today?
    I’m fine but I’m bored and you?
    Bye, I have to finish the film that I was watching.

  10. 20

    We are also at home. Anna is at a woodcarving workshop (=stage de bois) this week and we go to Metz on the 21st July and after that, to Canada on the 28th July. We come back on the 23rd August. What are you doing during your holiday?

  11. 21

    Thanks 🙂 . No, I’m (in my) at home. I’m going in to Corsica the Saturday, 30th July And I return home on August 20th . And you ?

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