Horse Club Diary by Solène

Congratulations to Solène!

She came in FIFTH at the Saint Eynard Horse Race. She was riding Rafale, her favorite mare. (Do you know what a mare is? It’s a female – a girl – horse) Read Solène’s report on this fabulous day of victory. 

Last Saturday, I went to my horse-club and I rode Rafale to revise for the
dressage’s competition. It was excellent!

In the afternoon, firstly I prepared my mare for the competition. After that, I brushed her and I took her some food.
Sunday 3rd April, I went to the horse-club at 10 a.m. and I brushed Rafale.
Then, I plaited her horsehair. Following that, I prepared for the theory. In the
afternoon, I sellered and bridled Rafale and I warmed-up my mare. Finally, I went
to the competition’s arena. The competition was a lot of fun and my mare and me
finished fifth. It was a magic day! I love competition days because they are
wonderful days.

Here are some photos taken by Solène’s Dad and commented by Solène


Horse Competition Photos with Solène and Rafale

This is how Solène prepared for this competition

Yesterday, I went to my horse-club to do horse-back-riding. I rode Rafale and we did jumping.
It was a lot of fun and the weather was very sunny. My sister was watching me during my horse lesson. We didn’t make any bars fall at the first course, but later on some bars fell.
It was a very good day.
I love horses and horse-back-riding but I prefer to ride when it is sunny!!

A regular Saturday

Last Saturday, I got up at 7.00 and I had breakfast. After that, I went to my
horse-club to do horse-back-riding. I rode my favourite mare. Its name is Rafale. At
10.00, I was preparing Rafale and the lesson began at 11.00 a.m. We did obstacle
jumping. I love hudling. My horse teacher prepared an obstacle course with 6
obstacles. Rafale jumped very well but one bar fell. I was unsaddling my mare
when my father arrived to come back home. I said good bye to Rafale and to my
friends. I went in Rafale’s box and I followed my father. It was good, but it
was raining!

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    The next competition is maybe the first of may or the 13th june. I will contact you to give the date.

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    This morning, I went to my horse club to ride Rafale, as every week-end. You We did dressage in the big arena and we did some laterals displacement movements. It was a good day. In the afternoon, I saw my friend Madeleine and she went came with me at to the horse club to saw see Rafale. It was excellent.

  3. 6

    Congratulations Solène on your story!
    You practised using:
    1. past simple and past continuous verbs to tell a story in the past
    2. synonyms instead of words that we use too often (excellent, magic, wonderful day)
    3. words to sequence (=raconter les séquences, les étapes) your story (first – after that – finally)
    4. horse vocabulary (mare, bridle, arena, etc…)

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